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Sundays are best if you want to spend a lazy, experimental time in the kitchen. Today was one such day where I wanted to try out some tarts in my new non-stick tart molds!


So I whizzed a packet of digestive biscuits with a pinch of dry ginger powder and 3 knobs of butter. Pressed the mixture onto the tart molds and kept in the freezer to harden.

I then melted (using a double boiler) some white chocolate with butter, a teaspoon or two of sugar and possibly 3/4th a cup of coconut milk. I also added some orange rind (a tsp) and a dash of vanilla essence. Cooled it to room temp and whipped it with a spoon until smooth and like a ganache!

For the stewed fruits, I sliced and diced 1 each of a banana(you just have to have a banana!), guava(amazing and in season here in India) and musk melon(always a delight to have in tarts and pastries!) and juiced 1 orange. I tossed the fruits in half a lemon’s juice and a few drops of rose water! Then a small saucepan was used to boil the orange juice with 3 tsp of sugar and 1/4th a cup of water. Reduced it a bit. Couldn’t get it thick and syrupy, was still light and runny.

Added the fruits in let it simmer for a while until slightly soft. Eventually it thickened and got glossy with the addition of half a tsp of butter(yumm).

To assemble, unmold the tart shell and freeze it for a further 10 minutes. This ensures, the biscuit is not super delicate and crumbly. Take it out and put it on your serving plate. Spoon in some luscious coconut white chocolate ganache in the centre up to 1/2 the depth. Top with the fruits generously and drizzle some fruity syrup on top! Finally spoon another dollop of ganache!

This really was the best tart I’d ever eaten! Not because, I made it, well you could say that, but because it really was so lovely, light, luscious and not overly sweet! I could go on and on about it, but why don’t you try this and let me know! 🙂