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Hello all! Hope you’ll had a great first week of the new year! I had a fun one too! Went shopping and dining with my best friends and we did haul a lot! So here’s probably what you can call my first haul in the year 2014..however I refrain from using this phrase in my title for whatever reason..

The things I bought are from Forever 21(literally my treasure chest or anyone’s;who loves a little nifty beauty n fashion shopping!), MAC and featuring some Lotus Herbals which I had purchased earlier.


Cheesy text, I know 😛

I got this tee from F21..pretty thing!


Purestay foundation from Lotus Herbals and Purecolor lipstick from the same brand as well..This foundation actually requires a detailed review from my experience with it, I guess..Although I bought it after going through the reviews, they seem to be a tad bit too positive (paid product for reviews,perhaps? I dunno). However, I’m not saying it’s bad or something..but it can be horrible if you use it incorrectly..when used right as I later learnt by practice, it can give the much desired velvety matte look.Cheers to that!Image


It’s a swatch! :/

And now my favorites- a bright tangerine and a sheer, soft coral! The one on the left is Lotus Pure Colors lipstick in Tangerine(a bright orange+red+coral) and my eternal favorite, MAC’s See Sheer..I have dreamt of owning this one for over a year and my god, how right I was in buying it! Lovely sheer pink+coral! This makes me wonder,if I should display my meager lipstick collection 😀Image


A genius find from F21!!! Eeeeeps I’m so happy!!!! A travel bottle set! It has a spray nozzle, pump nozzle and 2 press button cap bottles!!ImageImage

A cute 2 sided mirror again from F21 for my office makeup pouch!Image
And now, presenting my most unexpected find of all in F21- a Beauty Blender dupe at Rs.250!!!!! Can you believe it??? A roughly $4 dupe of the original $18 stuff? Get outta here!! 😀Image

So that was pretty much it!!! I loved this haul of mine right from the tee to the egg sponge, L.O.V.E. I tag all you guys, post your first haul of 2014 and share its link in the comments below! 🙂