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This treatment is honestly what I discovered when I was Googling for at-home hair gloss kits. I have always been using coconut oil as a pre wash treatment once a week, before I shampoo.But adding honey was a first for me! I’ve seen honey being used in many commercial hair products as it has an excellent moisturizing ability due to its humectant property( retaining moisture) and I thought, why not! 


So this pre wash treatment is pretty much mixing up honey and coconut oil in a 1:2 proportion. For my upper back length hair, a tbsp of honey with 2 tbsp of coconut oil is enough. So mix according to your hair’s length and density.It’s completely natural, so if you need more, by all means, use more! I use The Body Shop’s organic coconut oil with regular Dabur honey. Good stuff.

Apply all over your scalp and hair. 



Wash it off with a good yet gentle shampoo and conditioner routine. I use The Nature’s Co Marigold cleanser and conditioner.It’s natural, organic and full of good-for-hair ingredients.
The result is hair that is glossy and moisturized.And I did notice that my hair was definitely a lil more glossy than with simply shampoo and conditioner.

The best part? You know that gloss is all yours without any additional shine creating hair product full of chemicals! 🙂 

Do give this treatment a try! You’ve got nothing to lose. Even if your hair doesn’t super glossy, it will atleast be super soft! 🙂