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Funny how words can prod, twist and finally manipulate us into thinking that the same idea is perhaps part of two different ideologies. We tend to perceive the same thing as two different entities, one good and the other bad..simply because of the words chosen to represent either!
Before you get confused as to what you just started reading and go back to the title of this post, let me help you out here- yes,you are reading the start to a review of a bronzer and my dear one, I have a reason for lecturing about ideologies and perceptions in the earlier para for I am about to bring you to realization, that tanning and being sunkissed are perhaps the same idea, yet perceived to be different due to words! Haha caught you, didn’t I? πŸ™‚

Let me help you again at this point- tanning which is essentially getting darker is treated as a no-no in India (with the fairness bug biting folks continuously for centuries, maybe millennia! ) but being sunkissed or bronzed is now being accepted in our society! Why? Aren’t the two same? Whether you tan or get smooched by the sun, you are getting darker and yet why is being sunkissed accepted more than being tanned? Words! See the point?

I too jumped onto the tanning/bronzing bandwagon sometime ago. I’m pretty much Indian and maybe to the rest of the Western world, we folks are gorgeously tanned all year round, but I tend to go a little pale and colorless in the face, which I’m not liking of late.
Contrary to popular belief, I like a slightly shimmery/sheeny bronzer as opposed to matte as I like the glow, the former brings about! And there I bought my first ever bronzer! A baked one from Accessorize, aptly named Laguna! Whether you associate it with Laguna Beach or lagoons, it’s a great sunkissed idea! Lol πŸ˜›


I am obsessed with Accessorize and keep purchasing lovely bags and clutches and earrings from them whenever I find myself with money to spare. For me, this purchase is a double whammy since it’s my first makeup product from Accessorize and also my first bronzer! Laguna retails for Rs.750 and is a gorgeous duo color bronzer with a dark, peachy toned color on one half and a pale pink highlighter on the other. It’s got this beautiful marbling characteristic of baked products. The container is plastic with a very pretty detailing on its lid. Lovely dainty butterflies!



I apply it with a fluffy powder brush and it works beautifully in giving me a bronzed glow with 2 light handed applications. Go heavy and you’ll risk looking like a sun baked baboon!

Tips : Powder color products like blushes and bronzers usually go deeper on the skin due to body heat. So majority of the times it takes minimal application to get the desired look.
When using powder bronzers, always powder your face after foundation to maintain the same surficial texture for easier blending. Powder color on cream or liquid will go patchy and not merge.

The shimmer is fine and not at all gritty and this helps give a great healthy glow!
My only grouse with this bronzer is that it has a lot of fallout when swirling the product in the pan! Lots of powder falling off and flying here and there! Thankfully, once on the skin, it doesn’t transfer. Phew!

Quick details :

Product Name : Accessorize baked bronzer in Laguna.
Catering to skintones that are : Medium Light to Wheatish
Price for Quantity : Rs.750 for gms.
Pros :
Great starter for those new to bronzing.
Lovely quality and no chunky shimmers.
Does not cause breakouts and fine for oily pimply skin.
Baked hence can be used wet or dry depending on intensity.
Lovely color payoff and buildable with less pigmentation and this my dear ladies is the biggest pro for a bronzer, remember the baboon!
Cons : Lots of fall offs! Can stain clothes if not careful when applying the powder which has a loose hold despite being compressed!

I guess all in all this is a good purchase and a lovely color that compliments my skintone. However fairer and/or duskier ladies in my comparison can opt for Bondi(lighter) or Bali(darker,much intense) respectively from the same brand! Hope this review helps! πŸ™‚

See you’ll soon with a lovely warm, spicy Thai coconut soup recipe for the chilly winters! Take care y’all πŸ™‚

Update : I have removed my fotd due to security reasons. If I ever change my mind about how comfortable I am again to show my pictures, I surely will add them back. Hope you’ll understand!