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Benefit..weird name for a cutesy brand that has taken the vintage oath to make all things charming and cute! And if is vintage, then how will I not want it? Fortunately my cousin was just returning from the US and I had decided to ask her to get me atleast 1 Benefit makeup product! I was thinking and thinking and the only product that kept on “highlighting” itself to me was the Watt’s Up soft glow highlighter! I had to get it πŸ˜‰
You remember what I’d said long back, if it’s a cult product, I will not only dupe it but also get it!

It’s got this lovely soft ombrΓ© orange carton packaging with lovely early 20th century looking bulbs as the main design element.A soft blue colored cursive font for the writing is just there! Lol omg, vintage stuff really gets me cracking, doesn’t it? Lol anyway..


Hey! Wait! Did I tell you how much I loveeee this silly bulb like tube container? πŸ˜€

The product is a champagne colored creamy stick that has a cream to powder finish. Looks beautiful!


It is a lightweight highlighter and I love how sheer and flattering the shade is! It just melts onto the skin but holds on long enough for you to blend it out. I use it over my foundation+powder and it goes on so smoothly! I love how it gives that lit from within sheer glow! It works even better on my bare skin where the finish is surreal! By now, you’ll must be knowing how much I love this product for I’ve used the word love many times over! πŸ˜›

Left- swatched, right- blended

Left- swatched, right- blended

Although it’s a love affair for me, what pinches me apart from its $30 price tag is that the sponge shown in the photo below is a complete waste! It blends superbly with the fingertips and the damn sponge just blots out the champagne shade and the leaves behind just the shimmer! Pfft!

All in all, it’s a great, must have and fabulous product to own in your vanity! I mean why not? Didn’t you just see hiw lovely the swatches look above? You have to, have to get it! πŸ˜€