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If I could ever realize one of my multiple dreams, it would have to be opening a cutesy little icecream shop in a cozy cottage on a buzy street! Really vintage and laid back..waffle cones stacked with delicious scoops of icecream in soo many flavours!
What would really dominate my icecream boxes, is coconut..followed by fruits and nuts and then chocolate and other experimental flavors..
So keeping with my coconut trend, here’s a recipe for a delicious coconut, lime and vanilla icecream, the flavours of which, will delight you like a little private trip to the Polynesian islands where coconut, lime and vanilla would probably be a way of life!


Take 200ml of cream and keep it ready in a whisking bowl or jar. In the meantime, chop up the flesh of 2 tender coconuts and blend them to a paste. Squeeze the juice of 1 big lime into a bowl.Zest the lime, about 1/2 a tsp would do.
Now start whisking the cream with 1/2 a cup of sugar, slowly adding the lime juice, a tsp of vanilla essence and the coconut pulp.Keep whipping the cream until fluffy and soft peaks begin to form on thw whisking wire.Add a pinch of salt as it enhances sweetness. Taste the mixture for sugar and keep adding until you think it is sweet enough. Remember that after freezing, the flavours and sweetness reduce. So it is safer to keep it a bit on the sweeter side, add a bit more of lime juice and a dash of vanilla. Whip it one more time and store it in an old icecream tub or any airtight container and throw it in the freezer.
After 3 hours, it should look like this..


Take it out once again and whip it one last time and set it for another 3 hours..So at the end of a total of 6 hours, you have the creamiest icecream with perfectly balanced sweetness and flavours!

Do try this and also I have 2 recipes for fresh fig fruit icecream and a coconut mango icecream, in the archives! Enjoy!