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I’d like to start off this post by declaring that, I absolutely love to surf through (more like casually paddle my way slowly, taking it all in) fashion blogs endlessly. I’m obsessed with checking out all the snazzy new trends, note down ideas, sigh at thoughtfully chosen exotic locations & literally just enjoy all those fabulous, envious outfit posts orΒ  OOTDs.

However, I’d also like to confess that some many lovely bloggers tend to take things to an almost ridiculous level when naming their posts. I mean it’s stupid to title a dress post as ifΒ  leprechauns were waiting with their pots of gold at the end of a rainbow! I mean, you get the drift..totally pointless titles for outfit posts.

The funnier ones are those who liberally sprinkle philosophy in the form of post titles that would make Socrates turn in his grave!

Also, who would want to name a post like ‘Waiting for prince Charming like Cinderella in my glass slippers” and the dress would be totally unrelated like strutting in some mall just to pose for the blog! Blech! Oh and I’m not quoting anyone in particular, it’s just something representative of the silliness!

The best titles for such posts, in my humble opinion, should be like highlighting the basic trend, catch or accent of a dress that’s worth posting.

I’m, on purpose, ending this post abruptly as I want some more funny examples from you guys! Am I the only one or do you’ll find such damsels waiting for their leprechauns, princesΒ  or horses, spewing philosophy on a fashion post’s title, irritating?

Share up, laugh it off! πŸ™‚