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Everyone’s doing this what’s in your bag tag nowadays, I know right? But I absolutely love to read those posts where all the lovely bloggers reveal the contents of their bags and make you go ooh and ahh over their oh-so-cute bag items! I thought I’ll jump into the bandwagon and reveal the contents of my almost everyday handbag which I carry to office! πŸ™‚


The bag : A structured cross between a hobo and a satchel from Rhysetta Bags in ivory with white metal links and chinks and logo. I love this brand for making the most elegant and versatile of bags while being so in charge of the latest trends! Moderate to expensive in terms of pricing but it’s worth it! I’m not sure if they even make leather stuffs, as all that I’ve used are non-leather ones. So plus point for that as well! πŸ™‚

Β The contents :

Going clockwise –

My rather simple and super useful, 4 year-old Samsung mobile phone (it was one of the early touch screens enabled with 3G, my love!) and a super pretty jute pouch for carrying it.

Earphones for my mobile and my tablet.

Hand sanitizer- you just need to have this all he time!

Umbrella – It’s monsoon here and mine is a super cheerful yellow!

And now my emergency makeup pouch- it’s a cute jute pouch from the picturesque Himalayan town/city of Shimla and I love it! It’s spacious and compact! I carry 2 lip glosses, 1 lipstick, a BB stick which can double up as a concealer, 1 chapstick, a claw clip and few safety pins.

Wallet- Again a very spacious yet super flat simplistic one in jute. It’s so flat that it fits in anywhere! Anywhere.

Annndd ahem! My life. My tablet- Samsung Galaxy Note 800. πŸ˜€

Not included in the picture – Sanitary napkins, Sunglasses(Mango aviators) and band-aid/tablets.

I tag all the readers of this post to show what’s in your bags! πŸ˜€