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I am totally in ♥ with my recent Soulflower purchase, so much that I’m dreading the day these bars will get over *youch!*

I bought 2 variants of soaps  (2 bars of one variant and 1 of the other), a variant of shampoo bar(2 bars) and a bottle of bath salts since there was an offer going on in an online shopping portal. It’s been over 2 weeks since I started using these products and I can give a fair opinion I think!


Oil Be Gone (soap) :

OMG, I love this soap. Period. I can’t say this much and end my review, can I? But I’ll not let you guys down! This soap is seriously a miracle worker! It really makes the oil, gone! I had 2 3 tiny pimples when I started using this soap and those nasty little bumps never saw the light of day! I’m not joking here! It improved the clarity of my skin without drying it out but cleansing it effectively! Because it is devoid of sulphates and other such harsh chemical compounds or literally detergents fit for washing dishes and clothes, the creamy lather produced by the saponified coconut, olive, palm kernel and castor oils was really comforting! I really saw a change in quality of my skin for better! Sadly sadly sadly I just bought 1 bar of it which was on offer with the bath salt as a combo for oily skin at Rs. 199, fab deal! I feel like crying really 😦

Baby My Skin (soap):

Another lovely soap which is super moisturizing thanks to the yogurt, papaya and cucumbers. Really brightening as well! However, it is not meant for oily skinned people in this super humid weather! Will make us oilies even more oily! However, my mom’s mature skin which is usually on the drier side loves this one! It is also really softening and great for the skin but for me it is a winter soap strictly! And oh this one smells like chocolate and looks like a fudge!

Sandalwood And Geranium Shampoo bar :

Now this shampoo was really an effort to understand! It smells divine and exotic due to the sandalwood and geranium oils, very relaxing! Makes me think of the princesses of yore getting doused in fragrant smelling oils and potions and mmm! However, using it required a great deal of patience from me and I am happy that I did not give up. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you’ll how to use this shampoo bar and possibly all natural shampoo bars:

Wet the bar and your hair, run the bar lengthwise over the entire scalp and along the hair’s length. Rub the shampoo between your palms to get some lather and apply it over your scalp. Splash some water and start lathering the shampoo in your scalp and gently smoothen over the hair length rather than rubbing. You have to lather it well and do not worry, it will lather really creamily. It won’t be sudsy and flying all around the bathroom like commercial shampoos but is more than enough to remove the dirt!

I oiled my hair pre-wash and it removed all oil perfectly! Now there is a catch, your hair needs time or days and some times weeks to adjust to a new natural shampoo bar devoid of sulphates and silicones. During this adjustment period, it’ll leave a waxy coating on your hair which is horrible. I couldn’t figure this out and was desperate to make it work. That is when I read somewhere that using a mildly acidic rinse like vinegar helps restore the acid mantle, remove the gunk and restores shine along with adjusting the pH balance. Also this rinse helps in removing waxy feeling due to hard water. Precisely these are what a conditioner does. But vinegar rinses are natural and much more effective!

Here’s what I do- Instead of vinegar, I use half a lemon’s juice or even juice of 1 whole small lemon, in a cup noodles container and fill it to the brim with water. I pour it off on my head and hair once I am done with rinsing out the shampoo!  Really softens my hair, clarifies my scalp and imparts shine, like a conditioner!

Ever I started using this shampoo bar, my head doesn’t get itchy or oily to soon and I can see that my hair’s health is slowly but surely returning! And no hair fall due to this shampoo bar! Patience is a virtue well worth having when giving this darling a try! 🙂 Next I want to try pairing it with a silicone free conditioner, like TBS Rainforest range conditioners.

Tangerine And Green Tea bath salts:

My first time using a bath salt. I find it relaxing to take bath when I have added this refreshingly fragrant  bath salt especially on tired, rainy days. It gives an extra clean feeling and is moisturizing in a very delicate way. Leaves a tangy fresh citrusy after fragrance on my skin! Epsom salts and mineral salts along with sea salts are great stress busters and known to ease aching muscles. I haven’t experienced that part yet, but surely soothes my tired skin and body! I’ll use it for more days or probably check with my mom if it eases any muscle aches etc.! Next time I’m getting this in lavendar or rose! 🙂

Where you can buy Soulflower products – They have their own super charming website else onfashionandyou.com or naturalmantra.com

For international readers, you’ll cab try Chagrin Valley products as they too are natural just like Soulflower with a lot more variety! 🙂

Happy day to you’ll!