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Update : Since a reader alerted me through a comment that the holy trinity is what Creole cooks use for their onion, bell pepper and celery flavor base, I will definitely oblige by changing the name of this delicious dipping sauce to the CondeChilliMayo sauce! I know it’s weird and silly but it adds to the appeal! ( and frankly I couldn’t think of anything better šŸ˜¦ ) Hopefully no cook has taken this name or it is not a profanity somewhere in the world else I will sue them for restricting my creativity!! šŸ˜›

[Haha incidentally Goggle says Conde is Spanish title of nobility..that makes my sauce, the noble dipping sauce]

I love fried food stuffs, show me a fruit and fries, I’ll instinctively reach out to grab some fries! They’re that addictive and I can safely say if a plate of fries could talk, I’d be brainwashed! =)

But my love for fries becomes manifold when I have some sauce to dip into. I don’t prefer the dryness fries come along with. Most of the times, it’s simply ketchup, sometimes a bit of ketchup and a squirt of chilli sauce or even a drizzle of honey added to the ketchup mix if my taste buds are feeling feeling adventurous!

But the dipping sauce I really like is mayonnaise mixed with a squirt each of ketchup and chilli sauce. There’s something, I don’t know, what do you call it? A marriage of flavors perhaps if I were to talk like a fine dining connoisseur or simply downright damn delicious if I were to talk like me! (I’m the prude you’d find, swirling fries in ketchup sloppily and licking it off my fingers) I like how the tart creaminess of the mayo works well with the tangy ketchup of course with a fiery ‘kick’ from the chilli sauce only adding to its deliciousness.

I know, I know, I make it look like some gourmet meal right out of the Cordon Bleu, but believe me, when I give you my recipe for a lipsmackingly good dipping sauce to go with any of your fried munchies like chips, fritters or even roasted goodies, you’ll really forget all those fancy packaged dips in a moment and be hooked onto this forever! It’s not for nothing that I named it The Holy Trinity sauce. šŸ˜‰ (From now on the CondeMayoChilli)

Lol enough of my bantering, here’s what I did..Just like how honey,mustard and mayo make for a great dipping sauce (I love it even with my pakoras, bhajias and wadas imagine!), I keep the sweet component alive in my version with, guess what, condensed milk! Yes, you read that right, condensed milk!

I added about a good tablespoon or 2 of it to a cup of mayonnaise with a tablespoon of chilli sauce. Please note since I’m vegetarian, the mayonnaise I use is eggless (yeah an oxymoron, I know right?) with a garlicky base..it’s yum, period.

ImageI tried this dipping sauce with fries, chips, baked cutlets, fried cutlets, on toast with some fresh veggies, pakoras/fritters, bhajias/batter-fried veggies/tempura and it went well with all of these!

So why don’t you guys give this a shot, my family really loved it, I’m sure yours would too! šŸ™‚