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Icecreams are a surefire crowd pleaser,no matter the age, occasion or moment under concern. It lifts up spirits, cools tempered hearts, makes the happy ones happier and well all’s good in icecream land! That was the scene even in the early 20th century, when Italian icecream vendors used to display their wares of lovely gelatos shouting out “ecco un poco!” Or here’s a little bite of,well lovely,creamy delicious icecreams!

But if you were to spend money every time over a slice of icy heaven, you wouldn’t like that much,would you? Of course one has concerns over quality of ingredients used while buying cheap icecreams and cannot afford the premium ones.

And to be able to enjoy the premium of all premium icecreams, the homemade ones? Surely a luxury, right? Wrong. Now even you can have these great homemade icecreams without spending a bomb on the gadgets like KitchenAid or ice cream churners and still have great, custom-made icecreams year after year.This allows to have more quality ingredients when you have saved money over the tools.

Over to the 2 ice creams I made yesterday. Beautiful fresh figs are in season here and so are lovely mangoes! This was my first attempt at making fresh homemade icecream. The ones I made are eggless, no churn ice creams and are super simple to make.

There are only 4 basic ingredients required:

Whipping cream or nut substitutes for vegans.

Sweetener in the form of either sugar or condensed milk. I used condensed milk.

Fresh fruit pulp and chopped fruits.

Any flavoring essences or extracts if required.

*I strongly advocate against the usage of food colors as much as possible!*

The basic concept of making no churn icecream is whipping the cream so as to incorporate air.Fold in the sweetener, whip again and fold in the fruits and essences. It essentially calls for a basic wire whisk and a little upper arm workout like Nigella Lawson puts it. πŸ™‚

The whipping action mimics what your churner does for you minus the additional ice and salt bath. It’s not required. When researching recipes for no churn ice creams, I found 1 super informative article written by an ex MIT alum. and chef about how the industry uses a word called “overrun”.

Overrun is the percentage of volume of icecream base after whipping and adding in air as opposed to the volume of icecream base before the whipping or churning. He further explains that if his icecream base had increased by 50% post churning, then the overrun would be 50%.

He also tells us how premium icecream brands have overruns of 25% and cheaper ones 94%. That’s the reason why icecreams from commercial brands melt faster, too much air.

To be able to adopt this idea in our kitchens, whipping the cream to soft peaks is what helps us achieve a creamy texture that wouldn’t melt fast. The texture will be a little more heavy as opposed to fully churned icecreams and hence a rich, premium experience.

Fresh fig fruit icecream:


I whipped 100ml of cream and added close to a cup of condensed milk and whipped the mix together before folding the fig pulp.

I later packed the icecream in an airtight container and froze it for 6 hours. The cream and airtight packaging help the ice cream develop a really intense creamy texture without crystallizing!

Tropical mango coconut ice-cream


For this recipe I used say 50ml of cream and 50ml of coconut cream. Followed the same procedure above and added mango pulp instead of fig. I loved how fabulous this tasted! Literally beach side dessert! Next time I am going to try adding sugar to this recipe instead of condensed milk and use full coconut cream and eliminate dairy as I’m trying to go veganΒ for my acne’s sake!! πŸ™‚

As an ending note to this post I would like to add that freezing reduces the sweetness of the base hence make sure to keep the sweetness a tiny little bit on the extra side so as to have perfect sweetness when ready!

The possibilities are endless and let your imagination take you places in ice cream land! πŸ˜‰

P.S. I wrote this post entirely from my tablet and while I had put spellcheck on, please ignore any typos. πŸ™‚