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Saturday lunch calls for a usually laid back attitude with minimal fuss over supper. Nothing fits in better than fried rice which is not only simple to rustle up but also relatively quick in comparison to those fully assembled soup-salad-sandwich kinds!

Here’s what I made this noon and it was really yummy! A little tip is when making Chinese inspired rice dishes, remember to keep leftovers as they taste better than when served piping hot! Like they say,Chinese food tastes best the next day!


What I did here was to simply stir fry some 3 cloves of crushed garlic along with a large chopped onion until translucent bordering on brown. I followed it with florets of 1/2 a big cauliflower, 2 diced English carrots(since I love the orange color, so bright), 1 diced capsicum or green bell pepper and some 5 leaves of cabbage, shredded. Once these veggies were stir-fried to a tender crisp stage, I added 1 cup of steamed kernels of corn.

Later I mixed in Hoisin sauce, Soy sauce and Chili sauce to taste and seasoned liberally with pepper. I now added salt to taste, a little on the liberal side as I’d be mixing in rice as well.

The ideal rice for Chinese food is to boil the rice beforehand(do not make it mushy. The grains should be separate when fluffed with a fork.Al-dente to be precise) and let it cool under a fan preferably until the grains are separate. Drying it for a couple of hours would be great!

Mix the rice along with the sautΓ©d vegetables, check for the seasoning and flavor. Give one good toss and we’re done!

Congratulations, you did not break a sweat πŸ˜‰

Enjoy this easy-peasy lunch with a good accompaniment of chillies in vinegar,yum!

Bon AppΓ©tit! πŸ™‚