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Everywhere you turn, you find lots of makeup blogs that do a fabulous job of enticing you to buy the myriad products out there from a variety of brands! Call it high end or drugstore or whatever you fancy, makeup costs money and it doesn’t come cheap unless you’re ready to compromise on quality.

Now let’s see what are the classic signs to identify if you’re obsessed with makeup and/or collecting them as well:

1) You have dozens of bookmarks pointing to various makeup blogs.

Now this is the first sign of obsession and I too fell pray to it, hehe. I had bookmarked at least 15 different sites and followed a dozen others. It was great no doubt, to understand makeup, its facets and how other ladies perceived it and played with it! I was even influenced to buy a couple of stuffs ‘coz it constantly appeared in other blogs, totally being raved for how fantastic it was!

2) Your wardrobe consists of more drawers for makeup than for undergarments!

Now that’s sad. Undergarments are what you need in dozens from purely the point of hygiene and comfort and to not be caught on a day where everything’s in the laundry! But what if you have instead, a drawer for your bare necessities and four for makeup? A serious case of where you are obsessed with buying makeup! Hmmm.

3) You hit the makeup counters a soon as a new product hits the market- everyday and you talk in terms of spring summer collection and other such nitwit jargon!

Now you, my friend, are diagnosed with a dangerous obsession over makeup. The end.

Now if you are convinced enough that you are sadly a victim of makeup blog circumstances, find out how you can pull yourself out!

1) Eliminate options to arrive at what can possibly be your right choice.

Let’s say you have lusted after 4- 5 foundations that seem to be constantly in the limelight. Please go and read about it in their respective product sites/catalogs to understand what it does for you and if it’s at all meant for you.

Just know you only need 2 base products in your life any which way, any day:

a) A matte/oil free foundation for the summers.

b) A dewy/water based foundation for the drier climates.

If you have a collection worth displaying at a shop’s window, stop right now! Go through your kit and discard anything you feel is unnecessary.

Add 1 creamy concealer to the list since no matter what be the weather, a creamy concealer is your best bet as dry, scaly covering over spots and circles will only worsen and highlight what you are trying to hide.

Keep 1 blush/bronzer, 1 lip/cheek stain and 1 highlighter to play up your features as per your desire.

Unless you’re a makeup artist you don’t need a book-palette full of eye shadows, like seriously?

2) If every other blogger is reviewing a certain product at the time of its launch, know that it’s sponsored.

That’s pretty simple and it is a known fact. PR companies send out samples to blogger to review it and write it out on their blogs. So what you may buy after running to the store and paying a hefty price just because you saw your bookmarked bunch review something, does not mean they too bought it. They were given those products for reviewing and publicity purpose.If you usually don’t know that, read the fine print! Usually decent bloggers who follow the ethic write in fine print that it was given to them. No you decide if you want to blow up your money over every single product you constantly see appearing on all popular blogs(see the underlined text above). As a general rule of thumb, note that almost 60% of the products reviewed by popular bloggers is PR stuff. End of story. So the next time you see a huge godzilla like collection of makeup products with a blogger, please remind yourself this point.

3) Products have expiry dates.

Now this is such a bummer and still people fail to realize that hoarding makeup is only a mega hole in their pockets as every product is bound to expire within a year even though the label says 3 years. Mascara takes 3 months to expire. So by the time you decide to empty a bottle, 3 others would have expired.

4) Bloggers hold “Sales” of used products and benefit from it.

Bloggers hold sales of used products that they fear will get expired due to non use. Many others gladly buy them and the blogger is in a win -win situation. Why?, you ask? Because they are reviewing products on their blogs, getting the hits and when they feel they no longer need it, they sell it off! Don’t tell me you did not know this!? Duh!  Also they sell off products they got for free, yes in point #2. So who is being the sucker? 🙂

Now a peep into my minimalista makeup kit:


20130519_130813-1_edit0I’d like to add a few things before people jump their guns, I’m not ridiculing beauty bloggers or trying to deter their followers from being influenced. I’m simply helping fellow small time makeup users to be wiser with their pockets and choices. The rest lies upon my readers to follow it or not. 🙂