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I recently got myself 2 new pairs of ballerina flats.(Or bellies like it’s known..but I find that word eww! You can catch the drift! :P)


The first one is a neutral pair in flat beige with some cut out design on it.What’s to love is that gold tipped bow! *Adore*


These are perfect for office and keep well whether I’m walking on smooth roads or gravel! They don’t make any noise when you’re running down a flight of stairs without carpeting! 😀 And super useful when I’m running late for my bus!


One thing I would suggest to all wanting to buy flats, is to buy yourself a comfy pair of shoe bite cushions or at least keep Band Aid handy!

My next pair is something I’m in love with! Ankle wraps are my weakness and these 2 toned toned ones are just perfect! I love how the toe area is patterned in a cream and black cane mat-like design with the heel side in stunning teal! What a contrast and I dig it! Perfect to wear with a pair of rolled up jeans, just enough to show the straps! Great for a casual day out shopping or going out with family and friends! 🙂



Which one did you’ll like better? Let me know!